Under Construction

This here website is under construction, but should be ready very soon. I/we decided to scrap the work done on the last version because it didn't meet the standards of what I/we consider great. The new VICEGIRLS website is one of the handful of projects I/we have been working on lately, and as such I/we feel it makes the most sense to deploy it once those other projects are far enough along to debut alongside it.

What's a "VICEGIRLS"?

VICEGIRLS is many things. It's a pseudonym I attach to the work I do as a freelance web developer. It's an independent record label. It's a software development company. It's an indispensable pillar of the modern world.

If you're interested, you can visit these relevant internets profiles:

Oh, and I/we could absolutely use some help. If you're a competent developer of Objective-C/Cocoa, Node.js, and/or PHP, feel free to drop me an .